Friday, 11 November 2011

Is there anything more beautiful then the sight of your unborn child's heart beating?  Had you asked me this 2 years ago, I'd of thought the question was crazy.  Today, however, I can't think of anything more gorgeous then that. 

Did the screening today & although everything is fine, I didn't walk away as elated as last time - guess knowing I have to wait another 8 weeks before I see him/her again is weighing on my mind.  Just have to take it one day at a time & picture that gorgeous beating heart in my mind.

James I held you close to my heart as the technician searched for the nuchal translucency today - felt flutters of panic in my heart & just pictured you near to calm myself down.  Now comes that worst of it, the lead up to when you left us, both in the weeks of gestation but also your angel day is coming. 

Missing you angel xoxox Mommy

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