Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I have found myself a bit confused lately.  I find myself struggling again to reconcile the unimaginable with the world that keeps moving on.  James is certainly a distant memory in the minds of most & I often find myself alone wondering if this thing really happened. The reality check of course if when I remember what should have been. 

I found this quote on the Silent Grief-Child loss page & couldn't believe the timing of it b/c it has been in the last week that I have found these thoughts to be more intrusive but when I read it, I realized that it is a common experience & wanted to share it here. 

"Did this really happen, or is this just a bad dream?" This is often the first thought of the day and the last thought of the night for every bereaved parent. Child loss is so hard to believe!

Feeling your absence all the time my love & hoping you will join us at your brother's birthday party this weekend.  I know he would want you there. 

xoxoxoxoxoxoxox Mommy

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