Saturday, 23 March 2013

Peace at last

Peacefully on March 20th 2013 Meme passed.

Her suffering has ended & we are grateful for having had her in our lives.  She is with family and James now & I hope smiling again.

She has come to me twice since her passing, the night of her passing & again the early morning of her funeral.  She was more like a mother then a Meme and I am heartbroken without her.  She is now with all those whom she waited a lifetime to see again and James who she didn't know was there.

Sleep peacefully Meme, the depths of my love for you far surpass this earthly plain.  I will care for those left behind b/c I know you wouldn't want them forgotten & b/c I could never forget you.

The last lines from my Eulogy at her funeral:

Au revoir chéré Mémé.  Merci pour tous tes sacrifices. On t'aimes et on t'adore, tu seras toujours avec nous.  On t’oublieras jamais.


  1. So sorry for your loss :( ((hugs))

  2. Ta meme seras toujours dans ton coeur. Imagine comme elle embrasse James en ce moment. Imagine la joie de ces rencontres.

    Et mon coeur est lourd avec la peine que je sais tu resents.


    1. Merci Em, vous m'avez mis du baume au coeur.