Thursday, 7 March 2013

Golden stranger

Compassion.  Difficult to come by sometimes it seems, especially when others are too shocked by or wrapped in their own ideas of how to walk this road.  Compassion, the one thing that has consistently lead me to disappointment in those who I thought would/should but also the biggest surprise by those who I never imagined would/could.

The woman who I mentioned in my last post who shared her loss on a parenting site had another parent reach out to her publicly on this same site to see how she's doing.  Her compassion overwhelmed me.  I know that everyone who read her post has thought of her probably on & off since then, but reaching out probably didn't cross many of their minds.  One kind & golden hearted stranger did and I am renewed with hope.

The timing couldn't have been more perfect, her post came the day after this poor mother buried her child.  She shared a video of her daughter Charlotte that was played at her service.  It is 24 mins in length and I have not watched yet but I will.  She also shared that she is 20 weeks pregnant.  To the others I know this seems like a blessing, but to her, I know how double edged this sword can be.

I reached out to her as a fellow baby loss mom but also as having had a pregnancy after loss.  I also publicly commended her for her bravery on sharing this painful journey so openly & cheered the heck out of the woman who was so incredibly thoughtful to reach out to her.

For me it was these random acts of kindness that give me hope in a time of darkness when everything seemed the opposite of everything I thought I knew.  I realize now that it didn't feel like hope back then when the world was numb, gut wrenching or seething with anger, but it was.  My wish for her is that someone, something touches her in a way that can bring her some hope too.

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