Friday, 18 January 2013

2 years ago

Re post from on year ago.  I couldn't say it any differently, except that we are now 2 years from that fateful time.  The time that changed us, rocked our family, called into question everything we thought we knew about life & left us with a huge whole in our hearts & in our family.

One year ago today was the beginning of the end

James - I can still remember feeling you move inside me.  These are the times I cherish.  I cherish you.

Missing you & ready to remember & celebrate you, Mommy.

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  1. Sorry I'm late with my post, but I've been thinking about you all. I know that you'll miss James forever, of course, but it's so wonderful that you're able to celebrate his life, as well as miss his presence. Hope your celebrations helped your heart become lighter, and I'm thankful that you had Ewan to celebrate James with you as well this year!