Saturday, 25 May 2013

3 newborns & a sick kid

Have you heard of or perhaps even seen the movie 4 weddings & a funeral?  Well, life seems a bit relateable to that today.

3 babies have been born in last little while, 2 rainbows and 1 long and anxiously awaited.  My heart has begun to genuinely soar for those birthing healthy live babies again, something that seemed forever lost in the days & months following James' death.  Today I can say, I feel joy for them, hope for them, love again.

In the midst of all the joy, we learned a little boy whom we have known for some time, he has gone to the same childcare centres with our eldest and his mother & younger brother have been part of the baby programs we've participated, is sick.  We've learned he has been very sick for about 6 weeks & just had surgery to hopefully put him on the path to recovery.  He fighting & his parents & the rest of us are praying.

3 newborns with hopes, dreams, potential & love.  1 sick kid with hopes, dreams, potential, fear, prayer & love.  

Praying for Gabriel tonight.

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