Thursday, 21 June 2012

Rainbow Ewan

Happy to announce the safe arrival of our rainbow, Ewan James, on June 8, 2012 weighing 8lbs, 11oz. 

We are completely filled with gratitude for our miracle.  Gratitude filled with bittersweet moments & the fear it will all somehow be snatched away again.  Funny how at stage of this journey nothing is the same, the happy moments so much happier b/c we know how fleeting those moments can be & the uncertain moments so scary b/c we know there are no guarantees.

Wondering how James would have looked, how much hair, what colour hair & eyes, about the sound of his cry, how he would have smelled etc. 

Choosing to believe some of James' essence is within Ewan & hoping that he grows up knowing the significance of his middle name.

I look in his face & truly see a miracle.  Our miracle - thank you James.

Sending love your way sweet boy & gratitude for you & all the lessons you have taught us that allows us to cherish your brothers. 

Mommy xoxoxo


  1. Congratulations! Ewan is beautiful! Blessings abound!

  2. Congratulations Caroline and family. A miracle in your arms at last.

  3. He's beautiful - congratulations!

  4. Congratulation just perfect