Monday, 16 April 2012

The Aquarium

Since sharing the link to the article written by Macleans & wondering how one magazine could publish such one sided, unbelievablely self centred content, I came across another article.  This one however, is in stark contrast with the one in Macleans.  It's a story published in the New York Times by a father who's child died.  It's raw, emotional, scary & honest and although I have to caution you that it might stir up emotions or nightmares -as in my case, I certainly feel like it deserves to have attention brought to it.

I have rarely seen a forum for such honesty and candid expression of this topic.  If you choose to, go ahead and read it. 

My sincerest gratitude to this father for his courage to write openly about the worst time in his life and sharing his daughter with the world.

The Aquarium

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  1. I read this article voraciously. Our daughter died not of cancer but of heart failure. However there are many parallels between our stories. Our daughter was 8 months old (not 9, but close) when she got sick. She spent many weeks in ICU, surrounded by innumerous tubes. We developed a whole new language that we didn't share with anyone else as her condition was extremely rare. They stopped trying to resuscitate her. She died in a room full of doctors and nurses, none of which were able to save her. One of her brothers wants us to have more baby girls and name them all Eva. Another one carries a little bald baby doll around who is named Eva. There is a distinction between the Eva's though. The doll is 'baby Eva'. Our daughter is 'the real Eva'.

    There is one difference in our parallel universe, however, and that is that we do still believe in God. We have an assurance of seeing our daughter again. We still have hope where in all appearances, there should be none.