Friday, 14 December 2012


These days my life is divided into 3 parts - Pre-loss, Post loss & today Pre-parent.  All of these segments of my life are unique & vastly different from each other.  As I passed through each, I was ultimately changed, evolving through the lessons that life felt obligated to impart on me.

In my pre-parent days I worked as a child protection worker.  In that job, I learned quickly that monsters do exist.  I have met, child abusers, pedophiles and all around bad people.  I was often criticized for being childless & that this made me less qualified.  In retrospect, I did miss some realities of being a parent but it allowed me to approach things impartially & protect children matter of factly.  I have no doubt that I saved at least one life if not more in my 3+ years in this role.

After becoming a parent, I have often looked back on those pre-parent days and wondered how & if I could have done that work with the heart of a mother pulling my heart strings.

In my post loss self, I have not spent much time reflecting on those times, but the events of today in Connecticut have brought them back.  I have seen people's reflections of anger, sorrow, grief and many spouting the shooter as a monster.   My mind was taken back to my child protection days & I was reminded, monsters do exist.  My mind immediately swelled with the pain & fear that parents must have felt waiting & praying for it to be anyone elses child, desperately waiting to see their children's face, eyes, feel their hugs, wipe their tears.  I thought, James, you now have 20 new friends to welcome, guide & stay with until their parents join them on their passing.

I hugged my children, smelled them, kissed them and told them that no matter where they are, even in heaven, I will always come and find them.

Wishing a safe passage to all the children & lost staff from the massacre today & unabiding love, courage and strength to those left behind in the worst moments of their lives.  Today, tomorrow and in your Pre & Post lives may you find those who can help make you move from moments to minutes to hours to days and beyond in this terrible grief cycle.

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